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Treacle Sponge Cake in a Mug

Do you ever have that late night craving of something sweet, but don’t want to deal with the ordeal of baking a large batch of cookies, or break out the cake pans for a proper sponge?

Well, I love making mug desserts. They not only make the perfect sweet bite for after a meal, but the portion size lets me indulge without worrying about going over. Cooking anything in a mug is super simple, and lets you use the leftover ingredients you might have around the house.

That being said, let’s dive into what it would take to make a sponge cake in a mug, one of my all-time favorite desserts, especially during the holidays. I’ve spent a lot of my mornings baking eggs in a mug for a proper breakfast before classes, so I’ve come to learn the best meals you can make in mugs.

While I do enjoy a decadent chocolate lava cake in a mug from time to time, nothing can beat a simple vanilla sponge cake. Topping it with fresh whipped cream and fresh berries makes all the difference as well. If you’re wanting a midnight snack, something easy to whip up while your family is in bed, then try out this recipe below on the best sponge cake in a mug.

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10 min. Prep
2 min. Cook
12 min. Total
1 Servings





Place the butter in a large mug and microwave for about 20 seconds until melted.



Add in your egg and whisk with a fork.


almond extract

Stir in the milk, vanilla, almond and sugar.


baking powder

Add in the flour, baking powder and salt. Mix the batter with a fork until it’s smooth.


Cover your mixture and place in the fridge. When you’re ready, microwave for about a minute and 20 seconds.


Top with whipped cream and fresh berries!

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Tips and Variations

Thankfully with such a simple sponge like this, you can do virtually anything for variations.

If you’re wanting a chocolate sponge cake, then go ahead and add some cocoa to it when mixing up the flour. Make sure you take in account to take some flour out, as you don’t want a to try mixture. Or you can just add some chocolate chips to the current recipe for a nice chocolate bite.

But what about a fruitier sponge? I personally adore cherry sponges, with cut up bit of cherries inside. If you want, you can take those fresh berries you would put on top and cook them into the sponge. You’ll want to make sure that the berries are dried and chopped nicely, as you don’t want them sinking straight to the bottom of your sponge.

Not interested in having chocolate, but want something more than vanilla? Another favorite of mine is lemon. Lemon pound cakes, lemon cookies, lemon bars, anything lemon is a classic. Add some zest and fresh lemon juice and stop it with strawberries. It’s light, delicious, while still helping you with that sweet tooth.

And don’t forget to play with your toppings. You can do anything that you’re craving. Add a chocolate sponge with some peanut butter on top to really pack a decadent punch. Or maybe just some cinnamon with whipped cream. Or if you want to really indulge, try adding a scoop of ice cream on top for some added flavor.


The great thing about a sponge is that it’s incredibly versatile, meaning you’re able to do whatever you’re craving. Whether you’re wanting to make a vanilla, chocolate, or any other type of sponge, this recipe can do it for you.

And thankfully, you should already have the ingredients in your pantry, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful dessert during your evening without stressing over a large bake.