Step 1:

  • peel potatoes, put in pan and bring to the boil.mash with a knob of butter and add some salt to tins of tuna in a sieve make sure in save the juice as you need it for the sauce drained tuna in an oven proof dish.melt in a saucepan two knob of butter/ marg add plain flour to make a this on a medium heat as it may burn add the juice from the tuna to the paste stirring all the time you may need to add some milk at this should look like a sauce now, add seasoning and chopped parsly.on a low heat cook for 10 mins.
  • Step 2:

  • once sauce cooked pour over tuna,fork over the tune and sauce the potatoes.put in oven on a medium heat. can serve with vegetables and lovely thick gravy.its basically like a shepherds pie but with tuna.keeps in the fridge well and heats up in the microwave reaaly well.
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