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Capsicum Pastarino

Published Saturday, 04 July, 2015 by Diksha Malhotra

A blend of aromatic capsicum and red chilli sauce.


  • •olive oil
  • •onions
  • •capsicum
  • •tomatoes
  • •salt
  • •red chilly
  • •black pepper
  • •garam masala
  • •red chilly sauce
  • •tomato ketchup
  • •white mayonnaise


Step 1. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan and heat it.

step 2. After heating put 3 chopped onions and two chopped capsicum in it.

step 3. After 4-5 minutes put tomato gravy in it.

step 4. Mix the onions,capsicum and tomatoes well to get a red-brownish color.

step 5. Put salt, red chilli, black pepper, garam masala, lots of mayonnaise, red chilli sauce (tomato ketchup if you want)according to taste.

step 6. Mix them well and put the boiled pasta in it.

step 7. Serve it and happy capsicum pastarino :)

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