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Cheap Chilli Con Carne (vegetarian)

Published by Charlotte

Chilli Con Carne made with soy mince



  • 100g of dried soy mince (tastes just as good as beef mince and is around a quarter of the price!)
  • 1 tin of Red kidney beans
  • Jar of chilli con carne sauce or chilli con carne mix powder
  • *Makes enough for 3 or 4 people*


Place the dried soy mince in a bowl and cover in boiling water for around 1 minute then drain.

If using chilli con carne powder mix, make up according to the instructions and place in a large, deep frying pan. If using sauce, place in a large deep frying pan.

Stir the kidney beans and mince into the sauce and heat for around 20 minutes


Serve with tortilla wraps (and cheese), rice or jacket potatoes


  • Jason McBride 5 years ago

    I agree with chris. This is not even a recipe. It is instructions on how to open a jar of pre-made crap and heat it up. This is the most pathetic "recipe" i have seen on here. There are some awesome recipes on this site which are simple and inexpensive.

  • Tina 7 years ago

    This looks really tasty and simple, but where can you buy soy mince? (In UK)

  • Rachael 8 years ago

    This sound lovely and so cheap because there aren't loads of ingredients. I'll definitely be trying this.

  • tom 8 years ago

    chris i think if your on your second day of school you have a bit longer to go

  • spacecadetbetti 8 years ago

    Chris - the students that this website is aimed at are more the 'impoverished-uni-goers-attempting-to-live-on-a-fiver-a-week' kind. Not so much the 'gcse-student-too-lazy-to-do-some-real-work' kind. Perhaps when you let go of mummys apron ties, move out and discover what living on a shoestring budget is like you won't be so dismissive of such 'pathetic' recipes :)

  • Me 9 years ago

    You will find that this website is called not Recipes For Chris To Get A Good GCSE Grade. This sounds delish, might have to try it.

  • cookinginmypj\'s 9 years ago

    The idea was for cheap and easy food that tastes good. Not to get you a good grade. Devise your own recipe you lazy g*t!

    The recipe sounds yum. :)

  • unknown 9 years ago

    well maybe she didn't put the recipe on for you to use in your gcse food exam thing

  • Chris 9 years ago

    I find this recipe rather pathetic. I am in my final year of Seconday School and need to cook some recipes to get the grade I need. I'm going to be assessed on my practical skill. This uses barely any practical skills at all. I would not recommend this recipe to any students.