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Cheese & Chilli Melts ( Quesadillas)

Published Sunday, 17 August, 2014 by Emma

Cheese & chilli melts ( quesadillas)



  • Serves 1 can make to double just add double ingredients
  • 250g strong cheddar, grated
  • 4 tomatoes, roughly chopped (deceased )
  • 1 green or red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
  • ½ large bunch coriander, leaves ( or dried ) roughly chopped
  • 2 flour tortillas (any brand )
  • oil, for brushing


1.Put the cheese, tomatoes, chilli and coriander leaves into a bowl with some seasoning, then mix well.

2.Warm tortillas in the microwave according to pack instructions – this makes them more bendable. Divide the cheese mix over one half of each tortilla. Fold over the other half to make 8 half-moons, then press down to seal.

3.Brush the tops with a little oil, then sit, oil-side down, on a hot area of the barbecue. Cook for a couple of mins until crisp and golden, brush the uncooked side with oil, then flip over for another few mins. Slice into wedges, then pile onto a platter while you cook the rest.

can be done in oven or bbq

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