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Cheese Pasties

Published by themum

Delicious cheese pasties



  • A pack of puff pastry
  • A pack of smash potato
  • Loads of grated cheese
  • a couple of onions


Roll out your pastry until its a big oblong

Cut into approximately 4 large squares

Make up smash potato and add chopped onion and cheese.

Pile into centre of each square

Brush the edges with milk and fold over to make into triangles.

Cook in oven at temperature for cooking puff pastry (220ish) for about 20 mins or so, until all puffed up and golden brown.....these are seriously delicious


  • Eesha Khalid 6 years ago

    Not good not bad u cheat lllllllllllloooooooooooolllllll

  • June Sharpe 6 years ago

    Rubish, no taste to it at all

  • George Valentine 7 years ago

    This is rubbish it doesn't even tell it in deatail. Rrrrrrruuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiisssssshhhhhh!!! :(

  • Julie Cockerill 8 years ago

    Always on the lookout for new recipes for doing cricket teas and this is a must. We have to be fast and offer full, fresh and tasty offerings within a very limited budget. Cheese pasties will make a nice change from sausage rolls and a vegetarian option to boot! Thank you very much!

  • themum 9 years ago

    Even top chefs use packet puff pastry lol but yes I agree the packet mash is a bit of a cheat but you could boil a couple of potatoes and mash them if you feel like it :)

  • stephh maddisonn 9 years ago

    this is good but it cheats withthe packets a bit lol x

  • themum 10 years ago

    Sorry for not writing down the exact amount of ingredients. I don't usually measure anything. If I said about a mug full of made up mash, and about 100g of strong cheese and one large onion, I reckon that would do it.

  • benruss 10 years ago

    it was a great recipe and all the people who tried them all gave me the thumbs up as well

  • lorena 10 years ago

    i don't say what equipment you need to so not to helpful

  • sexc baybee 10 years ago

    great rcipe

  • stacey 10 years ago

    good recipies but how much of every thing do you need its not helpful at all

  • Em 10 years ago

    Great to find some veggie recipies here thankyou so much

  • dora the explora 10 years ago

    thanks so much this is helpful

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