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Cheesy Peas

Published Thursday, 21 March, 2013 by Mr C Peas

Peas with cheese



  • -cheese
  • -peas
  • -love <3
  • (and a little bit of sweat)


This is not for beginner cooks, you have been warned!

step 1

go to the supermarket, find the frozen peas (your usual garden variety) and some cheese of your choice (cheddar works best!)

go to the checkout and buy your items.

return to your car or mode of transport and return to your house or place of residence.

step 2

open the cupboard and remove a pan (preferably one of large size and with a lid) and fill approximately half full with water (tap or bottled, the choice is yours).

step 3

open the packet (use scissors if necessary) and empty your desired quantity of delicious pea goodness into the pan. Turn the hob on to an appropriate pea temperature (use google is needs be)

step 4

cook peas until tender and no longer frozen. At this point you should remove a breakfast bowl from the cupboard in which to deposit your peas.

whilst the peas are cooking, find a cheese grater and grate the cheese to a 2:1 ratio with half the amount of cheese to peas.

step 5

drain the peas until there is no longer any water and they are dry (preferably without losing any) no need to use a tea towel.

step 6

pour the peas into the aforementioned bowl, and add the grated cheese.

at this point you may stir the mixture or leave the cheese on top, the choice is yours.

step 7

if the cheese is not melted to your liking, place the meal in the microwave and set the microwave on to run for a minute, or until the cheese is sufficiently melted.

step 8

remove the bowl from the microwave (tea towel or oven-gloves may be necessary) and sprinkle on your love.

step 9

collect appropriate cutlery and carry the bowl to an appropriate seating area. Admire all of your hard work, and enjoy.

-> caution, the meal may be hot!


  • Kid Of The (early) '90's 4 years ago

    "if you like cheese and you like peas, you'll love cheesy peas..."

  • 123 5 years ago

    Superb!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Hayley 6 years ago

    Lol love it

  • Pea-lover 6 years ago

    Also to the person who said 'could the description be any more dumber???'... I hope you were trying to be ironic with your dumb grammar, my friend.

  • Pea-lover 6 years ago

    I often eat peas on their own and cheese on its own.. Until one day i had an epiphany... Cheesy peas... Only my version using just a microwave didn't work very well (although it was still delicious), so i came here. Hopefully this recipe works well, or i will have to live a hollow life forever.

  • Rhu 6 years ago

    *question! Does the peas really have to be frozen? I mean can i buy the ones in cans?

  • Peas 6 years ago

    Tl;dr version: make peas, grate cheese! :)

  • Pragya 6 years ago

    Could he description be any more dumber??? Irritating???

  • I Touch Children 6 years ago


  • Kjao 6 years ago

    But it is good!

  • Kjao 6 years ago

    This doesn't seem to be very difficult.

  • Sonu 6 years ago


  • 6 years ago

    This is the worlds cutest recipes. Cheese and peas. :3 it feels nice to say out loud cheeeeese and peeeaaaas.

  • 6 years ago

    Comment fellow cheesy pea lovers =)

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