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Macaroni Cheese

Published by Jenny




  • Macaroni
  • cheese
  • butter
  • milk
  • plain flour


Boil some water and when the water is boiled put in the macaroni (how ever much of it that you want) and leave for 10 mins.


in a pan melt a nob or two of butter.

add a splash or so of milk so that the melted butter and milk is nice and liquidy.

add some grated cheese, enough cheese that when it melts into the milk/butter consistency it gets quite thick.

add like a teaspoon or so of plain flour. Again just enough to make the mixture fairly thick.

have a little taste, add some more cheese if the mixture needs it to make it either more cheesey or thick. If you add too much then just add some more milk or butter. If its still not thick enough however just put in a little bit more flour.

basically add however much of everything to create the thickness/texture that you desire.

when the pasta is done drain the water and mix in with the sauce.

some people do enjoy baked mac and cheese so to do this put mac and cheese in an oven proof dish and bake until the top goes crispy brown.




pepper (as in salt 'n' pepper) to calm the cheesey flavour.

ketchup - cheese and tomato - the best ever combination.

nb: years after posting this i realise this is an awful recipe.

use 15g marg, 15g plain flour, 125ml semi skimmed milk and about 60g-90g cheddar cheese for one person.

put marg, milk and flour in a pan over a medium heat and whisk well until the flour has cooked in and the sauce is a thick and smooth consistency.


  • Josephine 6 years ago

    Thanks! What a help!!

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    Thanks for this recipe was real simple to follow and turned out perfect, better than all those complicated ones that you find on these sites :)

  • Jess 6 years ago

    Most of the people giving bad criticism on here aren't even doing it right. The recipe doesn't specify anything down to the gram because it leaves the option open to make it as thick or as big a quantity as you want. On top of that, to the hypocrites saying the opinion shouldn't be there then stating an opinion, stop? It's just an opinion, the writer obviously knows not everyone loves the combination so just give them a break? This is a great recipe, it allows people to be creative with their food, i love it.

  • Aaron Dangerfield 6 years ago

    Recipe* darn autocorrect!

  • Aaron Dangerfield 6 years ago

    Everyone is complaining about the lack of detail, however, i find that a recipient like this is brilliant as it gives you a basic guideline but gives you the chance to make the dish your own.

  • Aaron Dangerfield 6 years ago

    I added some "mexicana" red leicester cheese in with the cheddar for a slight kick and nicer colour. Delicious, thank you.

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    Sorry i dont like degrading people but this didnt work for me still great for my younger brothers

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