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Meat Free Ultimate English Breakfast

Published Friday, 05 July, 2013 by Emma

Made with quorn meat free quorn sausage & bacon



  • Serves 1 can be made to make more just add extra per person
  • 1, quorn meat free sausage
  • 1. Quorn meat free bacon slice
  • 1. Egg
  • 1. Frozen ash brown
  • 1. Large tomato
  • 1. Large mushroom
  • 1. Slice of bread
  • 1. Butter
  • 1.Baked beans ( microwave snap pots )
  • 1. Cooking oil


1. Cook the meat free sausage & bacon & ash brown according to packet instructions

2. Chop the tomatoes in half and grill

3. At the same time grill the mushrooms (cut off the stalk)

4. Fry the egg in a little oil

5. Cook the slice bread in a toaster once cooked slice and butter

6.In a microwave cook the snap pot backed beans according to the packet

7. Once all is cooked place on a plate and eat


  • Nicky Wilde 4 years ago

    I love this but i quadruple the quantities.

  • Ggggggggg 6 years ago


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