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Quorn Fajitas

Published Thursday, 26 August, 2010 by Naomi

Fajitas with a difference! Vegetarian AND tasty.



  • One pack of Quorn pieces (it's like a chicken substitute, available from most supermarkets).
  • One onion (preferably red)
  • Old El Paso fajita dinner kit ( usually comes with about 8 tortillas, barbeque flavouring powder and salsa)
  • Two peppers (one red, one green)
  • Lots of grated cheese.
  • 1tbsp cooking oil


Chop the onion, put into a frying pan, fry until soft.

Put in whole packet of Quorn pieces, cook for about 7 mins (12-15 mins if cooking from frozen).

Add the barbeque flavouring powder (provided in the fajita kit) and stir until all Quorn pieces are coated).

Add chopped pepper, cook for further 5 mins or so, stirring continuously (using this opportunity to grate some cheese and heat your tortillas in the microwave).

Put the pan, tortillas, grated cheese and salsa on the kitchen table, for everyone to share as they please! :)


  • Keith 5 years ago

    Dis is da poo

  • Bob 5 years ago

    I like it

  • Ginge 8 years ago

    Easy way of doing it - quorn, peppers, mushrooms, onions all cooked (frozen peppers and mushrooms work just as well), then whack in half a tin of beans and some spice mix. The beans add a nice sauce element to it and a bit of veggie protein too,

  • Char 9 years ago

    I do something similar to this, but i add a few extras that go really well. i chop cucumber and spring onion into reasonably small pieces (lettuce can go well too), and also make guacamole/sour cream to put on top.

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  • You should probably cook the chicken... and upload your recipe to while you're at it.