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Roasted Vegetables With Goats Cheese & Pine Nuts

a easy & tastyvegetarian main that even meat eaters will enjoy!



  • 1. courgette
  • 2. red onion
  • 3. red, green, orange and yellow peppers
  • 4. leeks
  • 5. garlic infused olive oil
  • 7. soft goat's cheese
  • 8. Salt and black pepper (preferably freshly ground)
  • 8. pine nuts


1. chop the vegetables into chunky pieces.

2. place on a tray and drizzle with garlic olive oil.

3. Place in the over on a high heat until soft but not crispy.

4. Remove from the oven and crumble over the goat's cheese and add a sprinkling of pine nuts on top.

5. return the veg to the oven until the vegetables are crispy, the pine nuts are toasted and the top of the cheese is golden.

6. Serve and enjoy!


  • Zoe 6 years ago

    Saving this one! Yum!

  • Leira Jeen 7 years ago

    Ahm.....Do we really need an oven??Hehehehe...Jokes.Besides,its yummy and delicious.Tnx,'v been a great help!!Hehehe..

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