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Yummy Lego Vegies The Kids Will Love!

Published Sunday, 23 June, 2013 by Carla

Need a way to get kids your kids to eat vegetables follow these steps



  • Your choice of vegetables carrots,potatoes,squash,rutabagas, etc.


1.Pick the right vegetables. Many veggies are suitable, including carrots, potatoes, squash, rutabagas, etc. You could also use firm tofu and add a food color to the water, which the tofu will soak up. You can do this with the veggies, too. Be


2. Prepare your veggies. Boil or steam the vegetables so that they're soft but not mushy. Soak them for a couple minutes in salt water. This will make them a little firmer by drawing out some of the moisture

3.Cut the vegetables into cube shapes. As with real lego pieces, you'll need to decide what bricks you'd like to make: a single stud square brick, the four stud square, or the six stud rectangle. ("stud" refers to the little bumps on top of real lego bricks).

4. Poke a straw all the way through the vegetable. This will create a round hole and will push out the inside of the vegetable brick. Be sure to match holes with the lego stud arrangement you're creating.

5.Using a toothpick, push the stud from the bottom of the vegetable brick until it sticks out of the top. This ensures that it looks like a lego brick, complete with studs!

6. Check that the studs are evenly positioned across the top by looking at the brick sideways. If it's not, carefully press a stud back in, or poke one farther out.

7.Serve with a smile on a colorful plate. Your kids will be delighted!


  • Agrima Goswami 5 years ago


  • Sm1971 6 years ago

    What a lot of effort! Lovely idea, but what's wrong with children eating proper veggies?

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