mcdonald's grimace shake recipe

We Tried the Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Recipe: A Sweet Treat That Might Curse You

This Mcdonald’s Grimace shake recipe is exactly what you need on a hot summer’s day, but be careful because the shake may curse you…

5 min. Prep
5 min. Total
4 Servings




blueberry jam
ice cream

In a blender, combine four scoops of vanilla ice cream with milk, blueberry jam. and frozen strawberries


Blend on high until completely combined


whipped cream

Pour into a cup and top with whipped cream and sprinkles

The Grimace shake has taken over all of our socials, but who is Grimace? Grimace was first introduced to the general public by Mcdonald’s in 1971. He joined their team of mascots, but not as the same Grimace we know and love today. Grimace was first introduced to the world as “Evil Grimace”, he was a villain on the prowl to steal people’s milk shakes. The original purple monster also featured four arms and he would use these extra limbs to help acquire all the stolen milkshakes.

What actually is Grimace though? In the last 10 years, we’ve seen some tweets from Mcdonald’s that describe the purple mascot as  “the embodiment of a milkshake, though others still insist he’s a taste bud.” And “Grimace lore says he is the embodiment of a milkshake or a taste bud.” So is Grimace a milkshake or a tastebud? That may be up to you to decide for yourself.

The Grimace we see today isn’t evil though, so what happened there? When Roy T. Bergold Jr. was the vice president of advertising for the hamburger chain he decided to revamp Grimace and give him a new look that wouldn’t scare kids as much so the company took off two of the mascot’s four arms and left him as a slightly more friendly purple blob.

So how did the grimsce shake trend start on Tiktok? If you are unfamiliar with the grimace shake trend the videos follow this format: Be excited to try the new grimace shake, lay dead on the ground with purple milkshake oozing from your mouth.

Unfortunately, the massively popular shake is no longer available. It started on Grimace’s birthday on June 12, 2023, and the deal lasted until June 29, 2023. Do not fret though because I am going to show you the Mcdonald’s Grimace shake recipe.

The Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe is a berry flavored milkshake with a vanilla ice cream base. McDonald’s employees came forward and announced the Mcdonald’s Grimace shake recipe is just requires a few things. The shake is vanilla ice cream and special berry syrup. For the Mcdonald’s Grimace shake recipe we have to start with a berry syrup. 

This Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe is spot on to the real thing with just a slightly less sickly sweet taste. I find that fast food milkshakes tend to be a bit overly sweet and the overpowering flavor is sugar. With this how to make the Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe you still get a delicious sweet flavor, but you also can taste the berries and the vanilla. 

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For a super quick version of this how to make the Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe you could skip the steps where you cook down and strain the frozen fruits and instead just throw them in the blender, but this will result in a less smooth grimace shake with a less opaque signature purple color. If you really wanted to make the color pop you could opt for a few drops of purple food coloring, but I find that if you take the time to make the syrup first this isn’t necessary.

To make this how to make the Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe I used my favorite trusted blender the Ninja Professional 72 Ounce Countertop Blender. This blender is my go to for blending shakes, soups, dips, and more. For this how to make the Mcdonald’s grimace shake recipe you could even use the single cup attachment for an easy cleanup.