Yet for many British students, living out of home for the first time can be daunting and unfamiliar, especially when it comes to the kitchen! As a result, many food items found in student fridges and cupboards will be binned purely because the owner wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. This is a growing problem across the UK with recent research from WRAP revealing that each year, the nation wastes over 4 million tonnes of food and drink. That’s where Sainsbury’s Food Rescue comes in!

Developed in conjunction with Google, the innovative new computer and mobile device tool offers users an extensive range of inspirational recipes for leftover and past its prime food at the touch of a button.

Here’s why Sainsbury’s Food Rescue should be a tool that graces the smartphone of every student:

Features up-to-the-minute technology

By developing a mobile friendly interface, Sainsbury’s has made its app hugely appealing to the younger generation of tech savvy college and university goers. With over 80% of UK students owning a smartphone, the tool is guaranteed to be a hit amongst young people with an appetite to save both food and money. The tool also features the latest voice recognition technology which makes it perfect for students on the go. If you’ve got to duck to the shops in-between a lecture or are trying to multitask finishing off your assignment while raiding the fridge for dinner ideas, simply speak or manually enter your available ingredients for an instant collection of inspirational recipe ideas!

Makes cooking social

For those currently living in student accommodation or a communal share house, Sainsbury’s Food Rescue is the perfect tool for you and your roomies! Rather than dig into a bland bowl of beans and rice while your housemates whip up a dismal looking salad and a mediocre pot of pasta, why not join forces and use Sainsbury’s Food Rescue to create a master chef worthy meal that you can all enjoy? It’s as simple as pooling together up to nine ingredients, entering them into the app and browsing the list of tasty suggestions that appear at your fingertips.

Compete with your peers

If you’re at school or university, chances are you’ve got friends attending schools across the nation. Sainsbury’s Food Rescue lets you go head to head with your peers with the inclusion of a leaderboard which actively tracks which regions are leading the way when it comes to rescuing lacklustre ingredients. You’ll also be able to view your region’s most rescued ingredient as well as browse the country’s favourite recipes for extra inspiration.

So next time you’re trawling through Facebook, updating your Twitter feed or indulging in a little Angry Birds, why not head over to Sainsbury’s food rescue and start making the most out of your available ingredients? Not only will your wallet and the environment thank you, but you’ll also be making your mum incredibly proud!