Ten Great Snacks That Will Make All-Nighters Worthwhile

We have all been there. It is still early in the evening, maybe six or seven. You are sitting at your desk, ready to finish your paper. Well, not really.You are not really ready to finish, or anywhere close. You are not even sure that you are ready to start. You know that you are going to have to do an all-nighter, but you are trying to convince yourself that if you start now, you will be done by 2am. Or 3am. But who are you kidding? You are going to be here all night long. So you need to stock up on some snacks that will actually make you feel good about the pathetic situation you have put yourself into, yet again.

⇥1. Baked Apples and Walnuts

⇥Apples and walnuts have always been a popular crunchy combination. Although often used together for savoury dishes, stuffing apples with walnuts and honey⇥is an old favourite. The apples are cut in half, cleaned from their seeds and then filled with walnuts in the middle. Honey is then added(you can also add⇥some cinnamon if you wish) and the apples are then baked in the oven – long enough for the honey to melt but for a short enough time to keep the apples⇥juicy on the inside.

⇥2. Mixed Berries Smoothie

⇥Smoothies have always been a tasty special treat. There are endless combinations of fruit smoothies, but since we are stuck in an all-nighter situation I⇥am going for a mixed berry one to keep our minds fresh. The ingredients are pretty much straightforward – mixed berries, sugar syrup and cold water.⇥Packets of frozen berries are found in most supermarkets, and sugar syrup can be easily prepared beforehand by dissolving some sugar in boiling water. The⇥berries must be lightly defrosted beforehand by placing them in a small bowl of water. They should then be added to some cold water and sugar syrup (or⇥honey if you prefer) in a blender and mixed together. A scoop of ice-cream can be added for a sweeter mixture.

⇥3. Tuna Dip and Crackers

⇥This snack is quick to prepare and good enough to keep you dippin’ on until the early hours of the morning. Add some chopped onions, mayonnaise and a⇥little bit of tomato paste to some tuna and mix in a blender. Salt and pepper can also be added to the paste. A tuna dip is usually served with plain⇥crackers or toast but carrot sticks are a nice healthy option as well.

⇥4. Caramel Popcorn

⇥Make your popcorn first. There are various ways of making the caramel for the popcorn, but the basic ingredients used are butter, honey and brown sugar.⇥Melt the mixture very carefully and pour it over the popcorn. Any leftovers can also be stored in closed plastic containers for some time. Don’t forget to⇥be careful with those sticky fingers!

⇥5. Honey Roasted Almonds

⇥Almonds can be bought roasted but raw ones can be easily baked in the oven. Boil some water with honey, sugar and a small amount of oil. Add the roasted⇥almonds and let them absorb the mixture for a few minutes before taking them out again and spreading them out on a tray. Sprinkle some more sugar over them⇥and let them cool down. Get chrunchin’!

⇥6. Omelette in a Mug

⇥Omelettes are easy to make, but an omelette in a mug is more fun. Instead of frying your favourite omelette mixture (eggs, ham, cheese…) in a pan, pour⇥it into a mug. Make sure the mug is coated with butter on the inside or your omelette will get stuck. Microwave on high for about one minute, then stir it⇥a bit and microwave again until cooked.

⇥7. Ice-Cream Sandwich

⇥Hunt through your cupboards for half a packet of biscuits. Take out that tub of ice-cream you nearly finished in half an hour two days ago. Combine both⇥ingredients into an ice-cream sandwich. Roll it in small chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles or almond flakes for more fun.

⇥8. Apple Pie Milkshake

⇥Leftover apple pie? Boring. Mix that last slice in a blender with some vanilla ice-cream and milk. Good. Add whipped cream. Even better!

⇥9. Bruschetta

⇥Bread and tomatoes. That is all you have got. Luckily, some smart thinking can turn these ingredients into a very traditional Italian recipe; brushcetta.⇥Usually served as an appetiser, there are diverse variations of it. The main ingredients are finely chopped tomatoes over toasted slices of bread. Most⇥recipes contain salt, pepper and basil. Others include onion, garlic and slices of salmon or Parma ham on the side. Bruschetta also goes very well with⇥black olives.

⇥10. Pancakes

⇥Sounds unoriginal, but pancakes are always a great quick snack. Prepare some batter beforehand and then they can be easily prepared and eaten with anything⇥- fruit, ham and cheese, jams… the night is long and the list is endless.