⇥1. Baked Apples and Walnuts

⇥Apples and walnuts have always been a popular crunchy combination. Although often used together for savoury dishes, stuffing apples with walnuts and honey⇥is an old favourite. The apples are cut in half, cleaned from their seeds and then filled with walnuts in the middle. Honey is then added(you can also add⇥some cinnamon if you wish) and the apples are then baked in the oven – long enough for the honey to melt but for a short enough time to keep the apples⇥juicy on the inside.

⇥2. Mixed Berries Smoothie

⇥Smoothies have always been a tasty special treat. There are endless combinations of fruit smoothies, but since we are stuck in an all-nighter situation I⇥am going for a mixed berry one to keep our minds fresh. The ingredients are pretty much straightforward – mixed berries, sugar syrup and cold water.⇥Packets of frozen berries are found in most supermarkets, and sugar syrup can be easily prepared beforehand by dissolving some sugar in boiling water. The⇥berries must be lightly defrosted beforehand by placing them in a small bowl of water. They should then be added to some cold water and sugar syrup (or⇥honey if you prefer) in a blender and mixed together. A scoop of ice-cream can be added for a sweeter mixture.

⇥3. Tuna Dip and Crackers

⇥This snack is quick to prepare and good enough to keep you dippin’ on until the early hours of the morning. Add some chopped onions, mayonnaise and a⇥little bit of tomato paste to some tuna and mix in a blender. Salt and pepper can also be added to the paste. A tuna dip is usually served with plain⇥crackers or toast but carrot sticks are a nice healthy option as well.

⇥4. Caramel Popcorn

⇥Make your popcorn first. There are various ways of making the caramel for the popcorn, but the basic ingredients used are butter, honey and brown sugar.⇥Melt the mixture very carefully and pour it over the popcorn. Any leftovers can also be stored in closed plastic containers for some time. Don’t forget to⇥be careful with those sticky fingers!

⇥5. Honey Roasted Almonds

⇥Almonds can be bought roasted but raw ones can be easily baked in the oven. Boil some water with honey, sugar and a small amount of oil. Add the roasted⇥almonds and let them absorb the mixture for a few minutes before taking them out again and spreading them out on a tray. Sprinkle some more sugar over them⇥and let them cool down. Get chrunchin’!

⇥6. Omelette in a Mug

⇥Omelettes are easy to make, but an omelette in a mug is more fun. Instead of frying your favourite omelette mixture (eggs, ham, cheese…) in a pan, pour⇥it into a mug. Make sure the mug is coated with butter on the inside or your omelette will get stuck. Microwave on high for about one minute, then stir it⇥a bit and microwave again until cooked.

⇥7. Ice-Cream Sandwich

⇥Hunt through your cupboards for half a packet of biscuits. Take out that tub of ice-cream you nearly finished in half an hour two days ago. Combine both⇥ingredients into an ice-cream sandwich. Roll it in small chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles or almond flakes for more fun.

⇥8. Apple Pie Milkshake

⇥Leftover apple pie? Boring. Mix that last slice in a blender with some vanilla ice-cream and milk. Good. Add whipped cream. Even better!

⇥9. Bruschetta

⇥Bread and tomatoes. That is all you have got. Luckily, some smart thinking can turn these ingredients into a very traditional Italian recipe; brushcetta.⇥Usually served as an appetiser, there are diverse variations of it. The main ingredients are finely chopped tomatoes over toasted slices of bread. Most⇥recipes contain salt, pepper and basil. Others include onion, garlic and slices of salmon or Parma ham on the side. Bruschetta also goes very well with⇥black olives.

⇥10. Pancakes

⇥Sounds unoriginal, but pancakes are always a great quick snack. Prepare some batter beforehand and then they can be easily prepared and eaten with anything⇥- fruit, ham and cheese, jams… the night is long and the list is endless.