Some dieticians say snacking is the no.1 enemy of dieting and weight loss, and I have to agree with them to some extent. If you’re eating the right kind of foods at mealtimes, technically you shouldn’t have those mid meal hunger pangs – however, students are hungry creatures and can get very crabby when their stomach is growling. We are still growing in our late teens and early twenties, so it’s no surprise that we feel slightly peckish in between meals! We need something to get us through the day, something quick, easy and satisfying comes to mind – and no, not a packet of crisps, chocolate bar or pack of biscuits. Try some of these healthy, nutrient rich snack ideas this week instead!

  • Nuts (for example: brazil, almond, cashew, peanut, macadamia): Great for on the go snacking, and with so many different types you’ll be spoilt for choice. Some dieters are put off by the nutrition labels as they appear to contain lots of fat, however the fat found in nuts tends to be ‘good’ fat – like I mentioned in last week’s edition of the SSD. So as long as you stick to unsalted and 30g portions, you can have your nuts and eat them too!
  • Guacamole: Rather than buying a packet, which will be expensive and no doubt pumped full of artificial flavours and preservatives, make your own with very own authentic Mexican recipe! Avocados, much like nuts, are full of good fats which are great for your heart and lower your cholesterol levels thereby reducing your chances of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Avocados have a much greater protein content than most fruits, with its creamy and rich flavour they will be sure to satisfy your appetite! This recipe serving will last you the week, and dip with sticks of celery, carrot or cucumber.
  • Homemade Spicy Salsa: Yet again another dip, but they are a great way of boosting your fruit and vegetable intake. Salsa is meant to be fresh and zingy, so this salsa recipe is a base but you can add as much or as little spice to it with chilli flakes or diced fresh chilli, more fresh herbs such as basil or parsley or diced peppers too if you like. Some people like their salsa chunky, some like it smooth – if you’re the latter, whizz it up in a food processor to your desired consistency. Again serve with sticks of carrot, celery or cucumber – but if you can’t bear eat salsa without tortilla chips then allow yourself no more than eight unsalted baked tortilla chips.
  • Dark Chocolate: Have a quick read of my Guilt-free Pleasures blog from earlier on in the year – there you’ll find out that chocolate can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet – but enjoy responsibly. Always measure out 25g portions to make sure you don’t end up scoffing the whole bar – we’ve all been there! Remember – enjoy in moderation!
  • Yoghurt: Rather than picking up pots of flavoured yoghurt that are packed full of sugar – definitely dieting’s no.1 enemy at the moment – buy plain, unsweetened and simply topped with a handful of dried/fresh fruit and nuts. I find Libertéyoghurt very filling, as it has much higher protein content than other yoghurts and will therefore keep you going till mealtime. Want to find out where sugar is lurking in our foods and why it has such a bad reputation in the world of dieting? This Studentrecipes Blog will get you clued up!

Who said you couldn’t indulge in a pudding or sweet treat every now and then when you’re watching what you eat? If you’ve been eating well, you definitely deserve a treat. However – this is where people have their dieting downfall. Treating yourself with a pudding or sweet treat loaded with sugar, fat and calories will no doubt counteract all that hard work you’ve been doing all day! Instead, reward yourself with a treat that won’t bust out your calorie intake but satisfy those sweet treat cravings all the same.

  • Low Fat Zesty Meringue Pudding: Taken from’s very own collection of recipes, this pudding can be thoroughly enjoyed with absolutely no guilt. Meringues are gluten free which means they contain no flour, but they also contain no butter either which means less calories and fat content per serving compared to most puddings. You’re looking for a chewy, gooey inside in your meringues – do this by making sure your egg whites are fully whipped (or technically ‘aerated’). Rather than serving with a big dollop of calorific cream use low fat yoghurt or crème fraiche. Easy peasy!
  • Fruit Salad: Especially during the summer months, this dessert is a winner. I always prepare a bowl ready for after dinner, and use a mix of tinned and fresh fruit using the juices from the tin and a splash of lemon or orange juice too. Despite being high in sugar, it’s a great way to reach your 5-a-day so compromise by making sure you consume very little sugar the rest of the day. My guilt free secret to make this pudding a bit more indulgent? Ambrose Devon Dream – it contains 70% less fat than single cream, and is basically custard made with milk rather than cream.
  • Healthy Carrot and Beetroot Cake: Yes, you heard me – cake. Not all cake is out of bounds – perhaps your favourite British Victoria sponge or chocolate gateaux yes, however, with the right ingredients you can just about get away with enjoying a slice or two! First off, this cake uses vegetables like carrot and beetroot which have natural sugars therefore meaning you can cut down on the sugar you add to the cake. Your average Viccy Sponge can contain up to 300g sugar, this cake however – only 100g. I’ve replaced the butter with oil which leads to not only a healthier, but a moister cake too – so you won’t need to pour a load of cream on top either.

Treat yourself a few times a week – but definitely not every night if you’re trying to lose weight, even if they are a healthier option.

So that’s it! The Student Summer Detox finishes here – but now is the time to kick start your healthy eating regime with the recipes spread across my last few blogs, eating your way to a healthier, happier and fitter you! Good luck, remember to be creative and innovative in your cooking and most importantly – enjoy what you’re eating!