Noma, found in Copenhagen, has been named the world’s best restaurant for the past three years. The menu boasts dishes which you wouldn’t be frightened to try but perhaps wouldn’t be something you would cook on a regular basis, for example ‘the hen and the egg’ or ‘fermented peas’. The restaurant gets about 100,000 booking enquiries a month so the head chef, René Redzepi must be doing something to keep the eaters happy.

He has recently taken up a temporary residency at Claridge’s and what is on offer? Live ants. Food critics around the country have been sampling this ‘delicacy’ and according to the foodies the ant stock is being replenished as the head chef has the services of his own ant-hunter at his disposal. The ants are served in a glass jar walking over cabbage leaves dressed with crème fraîche. They may be alive and they may be insects but customers are eating them up…literally.

Another restaurant in the capital is also serving up insects to intrigued clientele – chilli and garlic locusts and crickets, and for the truly brave a tasty chocolate scorpion. And who could forget the infamous breast milk ice cream – Baby Gaga – which was put on sale in Covent Garden for a whopping £14 a serving and then quickly removed for safety tests.

Across the pond (and hopefully not making its way over to these shores!), a restaurant in Washington DC is serving up a BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake – not your typical chocolate, vanilla or red velvet offering. It isn’t exactly fine dining or a delicacy but it seems to be a hit and that isn’t the only weird and wonderful flavour being tested out in the US. How about fried chicken cupcakes, Pancakes ‘n’ Bacon or even Tomato Soup flavoured cupcakes?

Closer to home, is residence to more than 3600 quick and easy recipes but the recent news of eating live ants got us thinking about what the strangest recipes on our website were. We have had a look through our archives and come up with some gems. Some recipes do what it says on the tin and others need a bit more clarification.

While some of these recipes may be edging on the bizarre, for example mixing Cheerios with cheese and red pepper, they are no doubt a hit and the classic ‘glass of water’ is one of the most commented on recipes of all times… for obvious reasons. However, the most viewed and most commented on recipe on the whole website is…drum roll please… egg-free cookies. No they aren’t going to be crawling with live insects or have a meat hiding in them but our users love them, and why not, quick, easy and tasty are what we live for!