It’s got to that time of year where students are leaving uni, either full time or just for the summer and are heading off on holiday. If you are I am very jealous! It’s important you have everything you need packed and ready in your suitcase, here’s a checklist of things you might need and want to take with you.

Important Documents:

You need to make sure you have an in date passport, you won’t be able to go anywhere without this! You can buy passport wallets which can help with finding your passport once its in your bag or case, making it a little bit easier. When you book flights and your hotel, you should get confirmation of the booking, it’s important you that you print this out and put it into some sort of wallet, like a passport holder so everything is kept together. At least if there are any problems at the hotel or airport, you have all your documents and details together. You should also make sure you have enough money on you for the trip and have any debit or credit cards in your purse or wallet ready. You should have worked out how much money you are going to need, around when you have booked your holiday. If you go all inclusive you are likely to need less money than you would if you go self-catering as with self-catering you will be paying for all your food and drink rather than it being included.


When it comes to packing clothes for your case, make sure you don’t over-pack. You don’t need a huge amount of bikinis or sandals. Work out how many days and nights you’re there for and plan outfits for that many days. So if you are there for seven nights, plan seven outfits, if you’re going to be out and about all day then going somewhere different at night, you might need to pack more but there are simple ways to work out how many clothes you need to take. The same with shoes though I doubt you would wear a different pair every day, you could make sure you have some comfortable pumps or shoes for the day if you go on a trip or on a walk, flip flops for around the pool and sandals for evening outfits. You need to make sure you have enough room for underwear, swimwear and toiletries.


It can be tempting for women to pack your whole makeup collection but try and cut it down to a few favourites. When you’re on holiday in a hot location, makeup sweats off anyway so there is no point packing loads of it, to then either not wear it or for it to be off within an hour because of the heat. Also when deciding what shower gels, toothpastes etc. to take, make sure you check your local supermarket and stores like Boots because they do miniature versions of almost everything. Boots do 3 for 2 on miniatures, last time I picked up a shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo and that was me sorted, you don’t need the big bottles. One of the most important things you need to pack is suncream.You can buy this while you’re there or in the airport but its always best to take even a small bottle with you and then you can get more as and when you need it.

Electrical Items:

You can take electrical items like your phone and iPod with you on the plane in your hand luggage but big things like hair-dryers and straighteners need to go in the case. They take up quite a lot of room though so work out if you are actually going to need them and if you can go without. Most hotels will have a hairdryer in the room or bathroom so there is no need to take your own. If you’re going on holiday with your friends, then one of you or a few, depending on how many of you there are, could take a hairdryer and then you could share.

Hand Luggage:

This can be where you store your paperwork and any important documents that I mentioned above. Your hand luggage is also for things that you will want or need with you on the plane, e.g. any books or magazines, any essential medication (you normally need to discuss this with the airline first), electricals like phones and iPods.

I hope if any of you are going on holiday this summer that this checklist helped! And I really hope you have a great time and take a well-deserved break after university!