From whipped coffee to cloud bread to the more recent marry me chicken and baguette bagels, these viral food items have taken the internet by storm and become the talk of the town.

Today, we tried the viral bagels from PopUp Bagels. PopUp Bagels has gained a devoted following for its bagels and “schmears” throughout Fairfield County. A recent trend that has been flooding my for-you page has been these viral bagels from PopUp Bagels, so let’s see if they’re worth the hype.

PopUp Bagels has gained a devoted following for its bagels and “schmears” throughout Fairfield County, with weekend pickup spots in Greenwich, Redding, and Westport. The company originated during the pandemic and has now become well-known in New York.

Adam Goldberg, the creator of PopUp Bagels, is from Westport, Connecticut. PopUp Bagels began as a humble backyard pickup window, where a newly crafted bagel recipe was shared among friends. What started as a small-scale experiment during the COVID-19 pandemic has now blossomed into a culinary sensation with multiple popups and permanent locations, offering a weekend pickup experience that is always fresh. 

Their mission remains clear and concise: crafting the finest, most freshly baked bagels. No fancy embellishments, just pure perfection: a satisfyingly crispy crust paired with a delightfully soft crumb center, each bagel boasting the ideal size and an impeccable balance of seeds. Their “Not Famous but Known” tagline says it all; PopUp Bagels isn’t about flashy fame but about cultivating a reputation for quality that speaks for itself. 

My Opinion on the Viral Bagels from PopUp Bagels

Picking up the viral bagels from PopUp Bagels was extremely easy. The small location in Redding, Connecticut, I picked up from, was almost hidden, with little signage. That being said, the execution and instructions for the pick-up were flawlessly executed. The one employee administering pickup was friendly and had my order ready immediately. I was impressed.

As my car filled with the aroma of warm bagels, I anticipated opening the bag when I arrived in my kitchen.

Placing the bag on my counter, the delightful fragrance of garlic, onion, and freshly baked baguette bagels wafted through my home. Inside the bag were twelve bagels shaped like rolls with small holes. Each bagel was smaller than a traditional bagel, about the size of a classic potato roll. These bagels were unique because they didn’t have the large hole usually found in a classic bagel.

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I began to tear into the bagels. I ripped one open, with a crusty exterior, they were harder to rip apart than I expected. More similar to the outside crust texture of a baguette, I understand the title of viral “baguette bagels” that these creations have earned.

I agree with my mom’s comparison of them to a pretzel roll because the outside is denser and chewier, just like a pretzel.

We decided to purchase twelve bagels, two types of schmear, and some whitefish salad. We sampled both the salt and everything bagels, along with the scallion and plain schmear. The cream cheese came in small containers that resembled ice cream pints, which I found charming. The packaging and logo were pleasingly simple.

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I sampled the everything bagel in three different ways – on its own, with scallion schmear and fish roe, and with plain schmear. I must admit that I’ve been fortunate to have tasted some amazing bagels in my life, thanks to Bagel Delight in my hometown. Their large, New York-style bagels have set the bar pretty high. Even when I bring their bagels back home to Boston, my local friends are always impressed.

These bagels from Connecticut are just as good. Personally, I really enjoyed the baguette bagels – they were thick, fluffy, and had a nice crisp exterior. They meet all the criteria of a great bagel! Additionally, their smaller size is perfect for dipping into spreads or toasting and adding some of their specialty kinds of butter!

I strongly suggest trying the viral bagels from PopUp Bagels. They offer a delicious blend of a traditional French baguette and a New York-style bagel.