We have all seen the viral girl dinner trend on TikTok, but what really is girl dinner?

Girl dinner started to become trendy at the beginning of July with thousands of creators posting videos under the popular “girl dinner” sound. Girl dinner is typically a random assortment of things from the kitchen. Girls on TikTok were showing their viral girl dinner and commenting and sharing everyone else’s viral girl dinner. Many women were saying they would eat the viral girl dinner every night if they didn’t have a boyfriend or spouse who expected them to make real meals for dinner.

The idea is that men want a nice put together plate for dinner. Some meat, a green, some potatoes, and while women are happy to eat this, they are just as happy eating cheese and crackers.

As a college student I am no stranger to a girl dinner and I’ve loved seeing the viral girl dinner videos and seeing how similar some of our plates are.

viral girl dinner

The viral girl dinner trend doesn’t have any rules that say what you should or shouldn’t have on your plate, but there have been a ton of common themes. So what should you include on your plate for girl dinner?

1. Cheese

Cheese seems to be a necessity for the viral girl dinner. Whether it is cracker-sized slices with cheddar or a big circle of brie doesn’t matter there just has to be some cheese.

2. Crunch

There also has to be some form of crunch. This could be anything from celery to a cracker to a granola bar, the best part about girl dinner is that it is fully tailored to you. For my crunch, I had apples and cucumbers, but typically I would do crackers or pretzels.

3. Fruit or Vegetable

The fruit or vegetable on your plate of girl dinner could also double as your crunch, but I like to have multiple on my plate. You can choose whatever fruits or vegetables are your favorite and eat them however you want. On my plate, I had blueberries, avocados, cucumbers, apples, and dates. Except for the blueberries and cucumbers, I ate the rest of the fruits and vegetables as little food combinations. I ate the cucumbers with cheese and honey, the apples with cheddar, and the dates with peanut butter and almonds. All of these combinations make girl dinner fun and nutritious. You can combine whatever you want, girl dinner is all about getting creative and using your favorite foods.

4. Something Sweet

The best part about the viral girl dinner is that it almost always includes a little dessert. For my something sweet, I had a date with peanut butter and almonds, it tastes exactly like a Snickers bar. I have seen a ton of creators have ice cream bars as their something sweet or even Oreos and Chips Ahoy.

To give an example I tried my girl dinner in this TikTok below.

For my girl dinner, I have dates with peanut butter and almonds, cucumbers with herb cheese and honey, apple and cheddar, avocado with lemon juice salt and cayenne, and some blueberries.

As you can tell I am all about the food combos for my take on the viral girl dinner. I love combining textures and flavors for newer better snacks.

Girl dinner is the best because you can have little samplings of your favorite foods all at once. It is such an easy meal to throw together and it is so satisfying because you can eat little bits of whatever you want.

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