20-minute pasta dinners are perfect. Don’t have a ton of time, but craving a delicious well-balanced meal? You’re in luck! These 3 recipes come together quickly and have flavors that will leave you questioning how these plates came together in just 20 minutes

3. Arrabbiata Sauce 20-Minute Pasta Dinner

Arrabbiata sauce 20-minute pasta
Arrabbiata sauce 20-minute pasta

This first dish is comically easy to make. With just 8 pantry staple ingredients this is a pasta you can make at the drop of a hat. Coming back from the library starving and wanting a quick but satisfying meal? This arrabbiata sauce 20-minute pasta dinner is for you.

In college, meals have to be cheap and nourishing and this dish definitely satisfies both of those categories. With protein in the bacon, carbs in the pasta, and healthy fats in the cheese, this dish is well-rounded and delicious. 

“This arrabbiata sauce 20-minute pasta is a hit with everyone. It is simple, flavorful, and undoubtedly delicious. The bacon adds a layer of smokiness to the fresh and bright flavor of the San Marzano tomatoes and the crushed red pepper gives it the perfect kick. The red pepper can be adjusted to your tolerance of spice, but don’t omit it completely, or else you’ll be left with a typical red sauce. Arrabbiata translates to “angry” in Italian, angry is in reference to the spiciness of the sauce so with no “anger” it can’t be called an arrabbiata.”

Full Recipe is available here: Arrabiatta Sauce 20-Minute Pasta Dinner

2. Shrimp and Feta 20-Minute Pasta Dinner

Shrimp and feta 20-minute pasta dinner

Moving on to pasta number 2, this shrimp and feta 20-minute pasta is to die for. I just made a big pan a few days ago and it was gone in a matter of minutes.

“This dish is also very well-balanced. There are great nutrients in the tomatoes as well as healthy fats in the feta, protein in the shrimp, and carbs in the pasta. This shrimp and feta 20-minute pasta would satisfy not only my pasta cravings time and time again at school, but all my roommates as well. The girls I lived with went nuts for this simple dish. With just a few simple ingredients this pasta manages to pack so much flavor.”

The ingredients in this dish are so basic but when paired together create a delicious combination of flavors. The shrimp may seem intimidating, but I promise if you give it a try you’ll realize just how easy it is to cook.

Check out the Full Recipe here: Shrimp and Feta 20-Minute Pasta

1. Sausage and Pepper 20-Minute Pasta Dinner

20-minute pasta

Sausage and peppers are a tried and true food combination, but the addition of cilantro and balsamic really take this sausage and pepper 20-minute pasta to the next level. The cilantro brings a freshness to the meal while the balsamic’s slight sweetness compliments the rest beautifully. I’ve been loving this Colavita Balsamic Vinegar of Modena recently.

This 20-minute pasta is also very satiating. “There are great nutrients in the peppers and onions, protein in the sausage, and carbs in the pasta. I loved eating this dinner in college before a big test or a study session. It always made me feel really good and ready to focus. The carbs from the pasta make studying a breeze and all the ingredients combined help me to feel full for longer so I can stay at the library for as long as I need.”

Full Recipe available here: Sausage and Pepper 20-Minute Pasta

All 3 of these 20-minute pasta dishes are delicious, easy, and college budget friendly. They are perfect for whipping up on a busy school night or a lazy Sunday. Each of these recipes brings something new and delicious to the table while still being incredibly simple.