cheesy potato pancakes

5-Ingredient Cheesy Potato Pancakes

At their core, these Korean Cheesy Potato Pancakes are a delightful marriage of two beloved comfort foods: potato pancakes and melted cheese.

20 min. Prep
15 min. Cook
35 min. Total
1 Servings





To start off, it is recommended to prepare a large pot of boiling water and salt it well. This will help ensure that the potatoes cook evenly and taste delicious. 



Next, peel and dice your potatoes into 1-inch cubes. Boil them for approximately 12 minutes until they are soft and able to be easily pierced with a fork. 



Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the water and let them sit back in the pot for 30 seconds to help remove any excess water. Then, transfer the potatoes to a mixing bowl.



Now it’s time to add some flavor! Add the sugar and cornstarch to the mixing bowl and mix well. You want the mixture to have a similar consistency to dense mashed potatoes with few lumps. Once the mixture is well combined, separate it into fifths.


Roll each piece into a ball, then flatten it. Next, add a small handful of cheese and close it so the cheese stays in the middle. 


Roll it into a ball again and flatten it once more. Finally, roll the edges with your hands to give it a smoother shape.



When it comes to cooking the potatoes, you want to use a generous amount of oil in a pan so that it covers the pan entirely. 



Once the oil is hot enough, add the potatoes and cook on medium-high for about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. It is ready to be flipped when it turns golden brown. 



This will ensure that the potatoes are crispy and delicious on the outside while still being soft and fluffy on the inside. Enjoy your homemade cheesy potato pancakes!


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In the ever-evolving world of social media, food trends often take center stage, captivating audiences with mouthwatering visuals and innovative culinary creations. One such trend that has been making waves on TikTok is the phenomenon of Korean Cheesy Potato Pancakes. This delightful fusion of flavors and textures has taken the internet by storm, offering a delectable treat that combines the beloved potato pancake with a generous dose of gooey cheese. Let’s dive into the details of this trend, its origins, and why it has become a sensation on TikTok.

5-Ingredient Korean Cheesy Potato Pancakes

At their core, these Korean Cheesy Potato Pancakes are a delightful marriage of two beloved comfort foods: potato pancakes and melted cheese. These pancakes are made by boiling potatoes and mixing them with various seasonings before being cooked until crispy. What sets this trend apart is the incorporation of a generous amount of cheese, which melts and oozes out, creating a luscious and irresistibly cheesy experience. The crispy exterior of the pancake pairs perfectly with the gooey interior, making each bite a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

Cheesy Potato Pancakes: The Origins

Korean cuisine is renowned for its diverse array of dishes, and potato pancakes are no exception. Gamjajeon, a traditional Korean potato pancake, serves as the foundation for this trendy creation. While the traditional version typically includes ingredients like potatoes, scallions, and carrots, the TikTok trend has slightly modified and elevated the dish by adding copious amounts of cheese to create a fusion that’s both familiar and innovative.

How TikTok Propelled the Trend

The visual nature of TikTok videos has played a pivotal role in popularizing the Korean Cheesy Potato Pancake trend. Short, snappy videos showcasing the entire cooking process, from grating the potatoes to the mesmerizing cheese pull, have a mesmerizing effect on viewers. As users across the globe share their attempts at making these pancakes and enjoying the gooey goodness, the trend snowballs, with more and more individuals eager to try their hand at creating their own versions.

The ultimate satisfaction comes from the signature cheese pull – capturing the moment when you lift a pancake, and the cheese stretches tantalizingly.

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The Korean Cheesy Potato Pancake trend on TikTok exemplifies the power of social media in influencing culinary trends and inspiring creativity in the kitchen. Through short videos, this trend has managed to blend traditional Korean cuisine with a contemporary twist, resulting in a dish that is both visually appealing and incredibly delicious. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, trying your hand at making these cheesy potato pancakes is a delightful endeavor that promises to satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving more.