Viral bobbi rocks cocktail

How to Make the Viral Refreshing Bobbi Rocks Cocktail

The viral Bobbi rocks cocktail features a light, refreshing blend of mint, cucumber, jalapeño, and lemon. 21+ to enjoy with vodka or tequila.

15 min. Prep
0 Cook
15 min. Total
2 Servings




Chill two cocktail glasses with cold water and ice or place in the freezer until time to serve.



Chop up your cucumbers and add to a blender along with one sprig of mint, 1/4 of your jalapeño pepper, lemon juice, kale, and coconut water.



Blend until well combined and begins to resemble a green juice.


Grab a cocktail strainer and pour the juice over the strainer into a large glass.


Pour about half of the juice into a cocktail shaker with 1 cup of ice and your alcohol of choice.


Shake well for 1-2 minutes.


Empty the chilled glasses and pour the cocktail mixture carefully into each glass.



Garnish with a slice of jalapeño and a mint leave.

When the TikTok star, Caleb Simpson, did a house tour of Bobbi Brown’s brand new mansion in the Hamptons, it got everyone’s attention. Even though her house was beautiful, it was the bar and more specifically, her signature cocktail that made it go viral. It’s called “Bobbi Rocks” and is named after Bobbi Brown herself. The recipe calls for fresh cucumber juice, tequila, lemon, and mint.

@calebwsimpson @Bobbi Brown ♬ original sound – CALEB SIMPSON

We tweaked the original recipe a bit to include our zest for spicy and green foods. Specifically, we added a small amount of jalapeño to give the cucumber juice a warm, zesty flavor. Plus, we threw in some kale and coconut water to enhance the green juice with hydration, flavor, and extra vibrance in the green color that you see in the final result.

This viral Bobbi rocks cocktail is extremely light and refreshing. It’s also not too sweet, so it’s the perfect choice for anyone who does not enjoy a sugary cocktail. I personally prefer vodka to tequila, but I could see how both choices of liquor would work well in this cocktail.


Recreating the viral Bobbi Rocks cocktail with a spicy twist! We immediately wanted to make this because of the vibrant green color that differentiates this cocktail from a regular margarita or mojito. Try it! #studentrecipes #bobbirocks #bobbirockscocktail #cocktail #greenjuice

♬ original sound – studentrecipes

The flavor from the minty and spicy cucumber juice in the Bobbi rocks cocktail is strong enough to cover the flavor of the alcohol quite well. As a result, 4 ounces works well in this cocktail because it can be slightly strong without it overpowering the green flavor from the juice. I definitely see why Bobbi calls for an extra chilled glass because it is even more refreshing when the drink is super cold. Be sure to chill your glass beforehand and shake with a generous amount of ice.

All in all, this cocktail looks incredibly impressive and vibrant to serve to your friends during a dinner party. However, the best part is that it’s pretty easy to throw together. I didn’t have fresh cucumber juice or a juicer, but I was able to whip up the perfect mixture in my Vitamix. The key to a lot of juicy cocktails is blending it up with your mixer of choice and then straining out any excess pulp or bits that find their way into your drink. Plus, using fresh herbs immediately upgrades your cocktail for the night.

Try this next time you’re craving a refreshing toast!

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