Started in 2004 by James Bailey when he was a first year student at the University of East Anglia, the website has grown rapidly over the past nine years. As a student, James struggled to find recipes that were quick and easy to cook and most importantly cheap.

Now, with the creation of the website, like-minded students can submit their recipes along with photos of the finished product to a public space. The website is more than a hub for recipes, it also serves as a forum for students to discuss food and comment and rate recipes.

This week, ‘Egg and Chicken Fried Rice’ by Laura, a first year Ancient and Medieval History student at Swansea University, was the 4000th recipe submitted to It adds to the collection of quick, easy and low cost food and drink recipes for students by students. Categories include vegetarian, food for parties, snacks, healthy food and many more. The variety of available recipes caters for everyone, not just students, who are interested in cooking economically.

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