Football season is upon us, and for many, it means that we can finally relax on the couch and pig-out with some of the very best comfort foods. From nachos, hot dogs, appetizers and more, eating, drinking and football go together perfectly and always did. But going to see your favorite team is a bit different.

It’s always exciting seeing and cheering on your favorite team in your hometown, but it’s even more exciting purchasing (usually over-priced) hot dogs and hamburgers or some nachos as you squish in seats next to everyone around you. So out of all the teams, which is the best NFL stadium food that you can find?

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Common NFL Concessions

Most of the time when you think of food at a football game, you’re probably imagining burgers, brats, hot dogs, fries or even nachos. And don’t forget peanuts or popcorn in between, all while washing it down with your favorite soda or beer.

And while these are all great choices as you cheer on your favorite teams, what makes football games even better these days is the fact that stadiums have ramped up their menus. It’s no longer just about some meat between buns with various toppings, you can actually find really authentic and unique menu items that truly enhance your viewing pleasures.

Some examples include Bao Buns, Jambalaya, BBQ Platters, and even Tempura Lobster. Back in the day, most of these items would be scoffed at if they were presented at stadiums, but anymore, football games are just another luxurious experience that allow fans from everywhere to try out traditional foods from each state.

So, which are the best NFL stadium foods that you can find while traveling across country?

10. Philadelphia, Eagles

At the Lincoln Financial Field, Philly is representing by serving stereotypical foods that you might expect such as cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. The classics that you see on street carts are in the stadium ready for customers wanting their fill.

The Eagles also do a wonderful job at partnering with small businesses in the Philadelphia area to bring in the most authentic local food for the NFL stadium, making it one of the top places to find the best NFL stadium food. Rachael Ray has also done one of their sandwiches on her talk show to show her love and appreciation for the foods in Philly.

Here are some of the best concessions that you can find at the Lincoln Financial Field.

  • Philadelphia Cheesesteak with caramelized onions and cheese whiz is a classic.
  • Philly Pretzel Factory is the perfect snack.
  • Chickie’s & Pete’s buffalo chicken cutlets and crab fries are a fan favorite.
  • Try Pierogie Place for traditional, bacon and jalapeno pierogis.

9. Green Bay, Packers

The Lambeau Field hosts The Green Bay, Packers, and is one of the oldest used Stadiums in the NFL, as well as the location for one of the best stadium foods. The Packers are the only team that is owned by its fans, and there is much pride when it comes to their team.

As one would expect when it comes to Wisconsin, dairy is a big part of their concessions, as the cheesehead state can’t get enough of their cheese curds, poutine, nachos and cheesy pizza.

But Wisconsin also loves their bratwurst, and the Lambeau does offer some amazing brats. While the stadium may be a bit out of date, the food is still arguably one of the best NFL concessions that you can find.

Here are some of these great concessions that you can find.

  • Legendary Brat brings Johnsonville sausages with amazing toppings to fans.
  • Can never go wrong with a great Midwest Grilled Cheese with some garlic aioli.
  • Don’t forget to grab some Tailgate Pizza with brat coins, bacon, sauerkraout and more.
  • Cheddar Popcorn is a great way to end the day.

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8. Broncos, Denver

In 2019 it seemed that the Denver, Broncos field received a makeover. Not only did it receive a new name of Empower Field at Mile High, but it also received a new provider of food and beverages, now making it one of the best NFL stadium food locations. Aramark took over for Centerplate, which resulted in a variety of changes for the menu items.

Now partnering with local chefs, the Mile High stadium offers more vegetarian and multicultural food options for Denver fans. From French dip sandwiches to fried chicken, there are several amazing concessions to choose from.

Some amazing concessions that you should try out next time you’re there include are these.

  • Kimchi Hot Dog serves hot dogs with a Korean twist.
  • Vegetarian Street Tacos are a more inclusive look at the classic dish.
  • Nothing says “I love chicken” more than Tenders, Love and Chicken.

7. Baltimore, Ravens

Baltimore is another wonderful city that has amazing food and culture, and the M&T Stadium does a great job at portraying it with their concession stands. Including some amazing dishes like the hoagies with varieties of meat, crab dip, or loaded seafood, these cuisines focus on what truly matters in Baltimore.

And that’s not all. Thankfully, it seems as though while most Stadiums raise prices, Baltimore did their best to cut their prices, making their menu more affordable for fans.

What are some of the concession stands that you can find here?

  • Shake Shack offers amazing shakes, burgers and fries for a classic meal.
  • Try the Pit-beef sandwich with crab dip, lettuce and more at Pratt Street Hoagie.
  • Pick up some classics like hot dogs and pretzels at Kickoff Classics.

6. Las Vegas, Raiders

The Raiders has some of the best stadium food at the Allegiant Stadium. With a new shiny stadium in the 2020 season, the Raiders were able step up their food offerings, now better fitting the over-the-top city of Las Vegas.

They do their best to offer luxurious and high-quality food and drinks with their many collaborations with chefs and mixologists, producing signature cocktails and dishes from their casino resort kitchens. And with the help of several Food Network stars like Susan Feniger and Guy Fieri, the Allegiant Stadium is now one of the best NFL stadium food options that you can choose.

But don’t worry, it’s not all luxurious, as there are still ample budget-friendly cuisines for those that don’t want to spend too much but still want to experience the stadium.

So, what kind of options do they have?

  • Ferraro’s Italian Street Eats is a great place for authentic Italian pizza, meatball sandwiches or sausages.
  • Check out Guy Fieri’s Tailgate Kitchen and Bar for mac n cheese burgers or Motley Que pulled pork sandwiches.
  • BBQ Mexicana is the perfect blend with their smoked brisket burritos.
  • The Boulevard Bar has tempura lobster tails with fries to enhance every game.

5. San Francisco, 49ers

Even though this stadium is a ways away from the 49ers hometown, the Levi’s Stadium stays true to the San Francisco cuisine. With the Bay Area known for their Asian cuisine, the Levi’s stadium brings the most wonderful meat and tofu-filled bao buns, and Korean inspired Bulgogi Cheesesteak.

There are even amazing Hawaiian inspired dishes like poke bowls to pit-smoked barbeque. San Francisco is a delight when it comes to their food, making this one of the best NFL stadium food places that you can find.

But what other delicious food examples can you find?

  • The Chairman offers amazing chicken, pork belly and tofu buns
  • Try a pastrami burger at Mesquite and Oak
  • Veggie burgers and garlic frieds can be found at Super Duper Burgers
  • Planet Popcorn has all the sweets with Churros and Cotton Candy

4. Kansas City, Chiefs

As a Chiefs fan myself, it’s an honor to put down this entry. The Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City, Chiefs since the early 70s. The stadium not only brings together both Kansas and Missouri but brings in some of the best BBQ to fans. While the competition for who has the best BBQ is still going on between Kansas and Texas, we all know who the true winner is.

Kansas focuses on their passion for BBQ by incorporating it into everything, from burnt end mac and cheese to piles of pork belly, smoked turkey, brisket and sausage. In 2019, a new line of items was brought to the Stadium, and fans were able to enjoy more of the Kansas City flavors while enjoying the games.

Here’s a look at some of the best NFL stadium concessions you can find.

  • Smoke Brewing offers amazing loaded BBQ fries with cheese, sauce and more.
  • Check out the Mac Shack that features mac n cheese dishes with savory meats.
  • The State Line BBQ Shack enjoys piling up beans, turkey, pork, coleslaw and more fan favorites.
  • Don’t forget to cool off with Sheridan’s Frozen Custard with several unique flavor combinations.
  • Wait for Taylor’s Version of Chicken Tenders (Featured Above) coming soon!

3. Dallas, Cowboys

Of course, one of the best stadium food entries would be in Texas, as it’s one of the most well-known states that produces some amazing food thanks to its diverse culture. The AT&T Stadium, also known as “Jerry World” after the owner, is known for being like an amusement park for NFL.

It’s one of the biggest stadiums with a capacity of 100,000 people, and at one point had the largest LCD screen. The food options are just as large, with dishes like chicken-fried steak, Fritos burgers and chicken-and-waffles, the menu screams Texas.

For a deeper look into the menu, these are some of the many options.

  • Korean BBQ Brat has Korean sausages with onions, jalapenos and more.
  • Try a mac n cheeseburger at Heaven and Hell Burger.
  • For a more healtheir option, check out Grain Bowl for delicious rice, veggies and proteins.
  • Or check out some sweets with Cowboys Ice Cream Sundae with a variety of toppings.

2. New Orleans, Saints

Caesars Superdome is home to the Saints and is also home to a great selection of food that is full of soul food. From jambalaya to Po’boys, there are amazing Louisiana specialties that will have most NFL fans watering at the mouth thinking about them.

The Superdome has everything a fan would want. Strong drinks, amazing food, and an even better atmosphere that will get anyone in the party mood.

So, what all does New Orleans have that makes it one of the best NFL stadium foods that you can find?

  • Head to the Bayou Kitchen for chicken tenders, fries, or maybe alligator jambalaya
  • St. Jacks BBQ has some amazing pulled pork or brisket sandwiches.
  • Dressed or not Po’boys lets you enjoy a variety of options, like fried shrimp or wild mushroom.
  • Get your sweet tooth on with Big Freezy, with milkshakes, floats, ice cream, or even Irish coffee.

1. Houston, Texans

The NRG Stadium residing in Houston is known for being one of the best NFL stadium food spots that you can find, especially due to being in one of the best cities for exciting food and culture.

With Houston’s history of immigration and settlements, the city is known for being diverse when it comes to their cuisine and culture, with Cajun, Vietnamese, Mexican American and African American influences. And don’t forget to include what some consider the best barbeque you can find.

What are some of the best examples that you should try next time you’re in NRG Stadium?

  • Try Treebeard’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for a Louisiana twist.
  • Grab a brisket sandwich from HTX Brisket Melts
  • The Taco Trio is serving Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Chicken and other common toppings.
  • Craveworthy Cookies is a confectioner’s dream with giant cookies in a wide range of flavors.

Some reviews come from TripAdvisor, who rates the stadium at a hefty 4.5 out of 5 with almost a thousand reviews, saying that this stadium is hard to beat.