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Trying the Fish Roe Hack: Breakfast Al-Bap Recipe

Today, I will be trying the viral fish roe hack popularized by @cafemaddy on TikTok. This recipe makes delicious and simple Korean breakfast al-bap.

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Start by obtaining fresh tobiko, preferably from a trusted fish market. Gently scoop out the tobiko using a spoon, being careful not to break the delicate roe sacs.


Arrange the individual sections of tobiko neatly into the compartments of an ice cube tray, ensuring an even distribution. Fill each compartment to the top with tobiko, allowing for a generous serving.


Place the ice cube tray in the freezer and let the tobiko freeze overnight. This step will enhance the texture and preserve the flavor of the roe.



Prepare a pot of sticky rice by cooking it according to the package instructions. Sticky rice is known for its glutinous texture and is a perfect base for this dish.



Once the rice is cooked and still warm, fill a bowl with about half of the cooked sticky rice, creating a bed for the flavorful layers that will be added.


Carefully pop out a frozen tobiko cube from the ice cube tray. The freezing process will have solidified the delicate roe while maintaining its characteristic popping texture.



Place the frozen tobiko cube gently on top of the bed of sticky rice in the bowl.



To enhance the richness of the dish, add a pat of unsalted butter directly onto the frozen tobiko cube. The butter will slowly melt, infusing its creamy flavor into the surrounding elements.



Cover the tobiko cube and butter with the remaining cooked sticky rice. This layering technique ensures that every bite incorporates various flavors and textures.

STEP 10:

In a non-stick pan, heat a small amount of oil over medium heat.

STEP 11:

Crack an egg into the pan, being cautious not to break the yolk. Allow the egg white to set while keeping the yolk runny.

STEP 12:


Gently slide the fried egg onto the rice layer. The velvety yolk will add a luscious richness to the dish.

STEP 13:


Scatter finely chopped scallions over the fried egg and rice. The vibrant color and fresh aroma of the scallions will complement the other components.

STEP 14:

soy sauce

Drizzle a small amount of soy sauce over the dish to provide a balanced umami flavor. You can also top with the kewpie mayo and sriracha.

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today, I am trying the viral fish roe hack popularized by @cafemaddy. this recipe makes delicious and simple korean breakfast al-bap!! #foodtok #easyrecipes #tobiko #albap #bap #breakfast #asianbreakfast #korean #studentrecipes

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Trying the Fish Roe Hack

The fish roe hack involves freezing tobiko into individual cubes, creating a delicious gem of flavor that can be used to add depth and intrigue to a variety of dishes.

Incorporating a tobiko cube into a bowl of hot, sticky rice creates a captivating contrast of temperatures and textures. Think outside the bowl: This fish roe hack can be used to top salads, grain bowls, or even avocado toast with these frozen flavor bombs.

With all the components in place, take a moment to appreciate the artistic arrangement and the fusion of flavors and textures. Use your chopsticks to mix the layers, allowing the melted butter, runny egg yolk, and savory soy sauce to coat the rice and tobiko. Each bite will offer a harmonious blend of creamy, crunchy, and savory elements, creating a memorable dining experience.

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The History Behind Al Bap

“Al Bap” directly translates to “mixed rice” in Korean, but it refers to more than just a culinary combination. It’s a celebration of flavors, textures, and cultural influences coming together on a single plate. Typically enjoyed as a hearty meal, Al Bap is known for its flexible nature – you can personalize it using this fish roe hack with an array of ingredients that suit your palate.

This recipe for breakfast al bap seamlessly bridges culinary borders, weaving together the rich tapestries of Eastern and Western cuisines. Drawing inspiration from time-honored Asian traditions, the foundation of this dish is rooted in fragrant rice, while familiar elements such as eggs and breakfast meats nod to beloved Western breakfast classics. 

The fish roe hack and dish both showcase a harmonious marriage of diverse textures, intricate flavors, and cultural influences. The fusion breakfast masterpiece combines frozen tobiko with al-bap, resulting in an exquisite symphony of sensations that pays homage to both tradition and innovation.