Pro footballers work doesn’t end when they get off the field. Through rigorous training and diets, these athletes are able to keep a well-trained body for peak performance in any game. Between high proteins, carbs and veggies, there are definitely a variety of diets that help each individual prepare for the season.

While there isn’t a standard on what pro football players eat in a day, there are some players that might share similar diets depending on their position. So, from the normal diet to the crazy, let’s take a dive into the bellies of the players and check out what each pro football players eat.

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8. George Kittle

What pro football players eat in a day: George Kittle
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The competition for the number one spot as tight end is ongoing as both Travis Kelce and George Kittle deserve it. As one of the best tight ends right now in the NFL, George Kittle with the San Francisco 49ers is putting in the work to try and secure that number one spot.

Which means not only are his workout routine intense, but so is the diet plan that he has to follow. So, what does this pro football player typically eat?

Jordan Mazur is the nutritionist for the 49ers team and has a strict plan for them to follow. Having a well-balanced breakfast every day is key. Starting with protein, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables helps the body gain the fuel it needs to get through the day. When it comes to cheat meals, a 2018 article talks about some facts about George Kittle, like his favorite restaurant being Panda Express. Who doesn’t love to carb up to some delicious Chinese food?

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7. Deshaun Watson

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Currently with the Cleveland Browns as their quarterback, Deshaun Watson joined the NFL in 2017 with the Houston Texans, thus beginning his excellent career.

Like most players, protein is one his key ingredients, but he also focuses on convenience. One such item is the “Just Crack an Egg” breakfast dish, which he enjoys every morning. For the afternoon, he has lean protein, some carbs and magnesium-rich leafy greens. Throughout the day, he mainly has granola and fruits to snack on. He replicates lunch for dinner, including a high-protein and omega fatty acid-rich meal to help his recovery process.

His diet is very healthy and consistent, however, he was raised in the south. As a result, Watson often craves fast food and sweet tea. His plan is that if he keeps up the convenience, he’ll be more apt to sticking to the diet and fight those rich cravings.

6. Aaron Donald

This defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, like many, has an insane workout regime that keeps him at peek shape for each game. And with it brings a diet that he must follow to ensure top performance. High protein diets are a staple when it comes to pro athletes, but Donald only has 20% protein, while the rest is 30% fats and 50% carbs.

According to the Rams lead dietician, Joey Blake, Donald eats a massive of 5,000 calories a day which include 12 protein smoothers, 30 glasses of milk, 20 cups of popcorn, 15 cups of pasta or rice, and 55 ounces of fish. Other products include hummus, avocado and chicken.

Because of his diet, Donald is one of the leanest defensive linemen in the NFL with only 11% of fat, which is 25% lower than the average for NFL defensive linemen.

5. T.J. Watt

What pro football players eat in a day: tj watt
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As of 2023, T.J. Watt is known as one of the best defenders in the NFL and is one of the best overall in the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s been praised by several of his teammates for always being a hard worker, even if no one else is working, and always eating. So, what does this pro football player eat in a day?

Watt’s diet revolves around 7,000 to 8,000 calories along with two gallons of water daily. This includes three balanced meals with three hearty snacks each day. He also does a pre- and post-workout supplementation.

Some products that he uses include Fairlife milk sources in snacks, eggs, turkey bacon or sausage, potatoes, fruit and granola for breakfast. He makes sure to include lots of protein, especially for dinner, and avoids nuts, as he’s allergic. For his ideal cheat meal, he mentioned his love for Chipotle. This seems completely on brand for a linebacker.

4. Jalen Ramsey

This cornerback for the Miami Dolphins started his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2016 NFL draft and is now one of the top pro players to date. Not only is he a pro player for the NFL, but he also has social media floored with his ‘gourmet’ dinner that he posted on Twitter back in 2016.

The beginning of Jalen’s NFL career was a shock for sure, as his nutritionist had a plan to alter Ramsey’s diet completely, making sure that he didn’t live off of just Cheetos and fries. While Ramsey’s favorite food is fries, and still eats Vienna sausages and hot Cheetos, those are more for cheat meals now, as he worked his way into a more nutritious diet.

3. Khalil Mack

This Los Angeles Chargers linebacker is one of the top pro football players today. He’s known for being one of the best in not one, but two positions, which means his workout and diet would have to be exceptional to match his performance.

A 2021 video talked about Mack’s insane workout and diet and goes into detail that Mack isn’t necessarily a clean or dirty eater, he just eats about anything. While Mack is pretty private about his personal life, they did mention that for breakfast, he usually enjoys some oatmeal or grits with avocado toast, while lunch is usually a lean protein, shake and some carbs. Dinner is standard with steak or chicken, potatoes and a large serving of vegetables.

A favorite cheat meal for Mack is Rice Krispies treats. It’s pretty funny to think of Rice Krispies treats being a pro football player’s favorite treat, but the snack is his favorite from childhood, so there is a ton of nostalgia there for him. Since he has such an insane workout routine, it makes make sense that he would have such a flexible diet.

2. Devante Adams

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Devante Adams played for the Green Bay Packers, but is currently with the Las Vegas Raiders as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL right now.

In an interview with GQ, Adams broke down his relationship with diet and nutrition now compared to how it was when his rookie season. He talked about how much different it is, that now that he’s established himself in the NFL, his diet is more mindful to how his body feels. He’s also really into protein powders and shakes, preferably chocolate. He even mentioned that he loves chocolate ice cream shakes.

A method he uses to make sure he stays thin, and light is fasted cardio, which is basically doing cardio workouts on an empty stomach. If he ends up working out early, he decides to go on a quick run before starting breakfast, which is said to have helped him lower his weight from 215 pounds during his rookie year in 2014, to 202 pounds now, and keep it off.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has been one of the bigger names in NFL recently thanks to his Super Bowl in 2021 win against San Francisco, and then reached the Super Bowl once again in 2021 against Tampa Bay, which unfortunately was a loss. However, the 2023 Super Bowl saw another victory for the Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles. But thanks to him, the Chiefs has been a team to reckon with.

With an interview with Men’s Journal in 2020, Mahomes mentioned that the was working on having a better diet and said that he would eat four to five meals a day. From breakfast and lunch to a spread-out dinner that encompassed a few meals, Mahomes ensured that he received all the right fuel that his body needed without eating too much.

Also in 2020, Postmates revealed some of the most highly ordered meals from Mahomes, giving fans an inside look on his cheat days. Some include a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-A, a burrito bowl from Chipotle, and a Z-Man with fries from Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que. In a 2023 article, Brittany Mahomes admits that Patrick will eat Doritos almost every night before going to sleep for the night.

Not all pro athletes stick to their own strict diets, but who can blame them? All in all, when looking at what pro football players eat in a day, it is clear that they take their jobs and meals pretty seriously. We’re impressed by their nutrition goals and ability to stick to it.

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