Here are a few cheap, easy and nutritious recipe ideas using this week’s seasonal offers to get you started!

Eggy Leek and Tomato Pasta Bake

Leeks are only 59p at Aldi this week and at only 95p per serving, it’s a great way of filling you up and a good source of Vitamin C (helps fights off colds and flu) and Folate (great for brain function – essential for students!). Check out this link to find the recipe:

Eggy Leek & Tomato Pasta Bake – Student Recipes

This recipe serves 4, but can be easily halved for yourself or doubled if cooking for your flatmates.

3-Ways with Sausages

– Peppered pasta with sausages and cabbage: 73p per serving

Tasty Sausage Pasta ! – Student Recipes

– Sausages with couscous and spiced roasted vegetables (carrots, onions & parsnips): £1.23 per serving

Revamped Sausages & Mash ! – Student Recipes

– Toad in the hole with onion gravy, Savoy cabbage and carrot and Swede mash: £1.16 per serving

Mum’s Toad In The Hole – Student Recipes

Onions, Swede & Carrots are all under 60p at Aldi this week, and British Savoy Cabbages are only 69p at Lidl. These vegetables are also not only a great source of Vitamin C but Vitamin A too – helping to keep our spot-prone skin clear and keeps viruses and infections at bay.

Spicy Autumnal Soup

Making soups are a great way of getting your 5-a-day, plus they can be very economical when frozen especially when the ingredients are on offer! Cooking parsnips, carrots, onions together with some warming spices like cumin, ginger and coriander can be really delicious. Butternut squash are only 85p each at ASDA at the moment, and if possible add to your soup – they work really well with these spices. Add chicken or vegetable stock and allow to simmer for up to an hour, or until the veg is soft. There are plenty of recipes online and pick and chose what you like best in your soup. You will need a hand blender, but I do think they deserve a place in your cupboard. You can buy budget versions for around £5 at shops like Argos and Curry’s.

Jazz up your Porridge

Porridge is a quick, nutritious and filling breakfast to keep you going through those early mornings where you’d much rather you warm cosy bed than your 9am lecture on a cold morning (well.., there’s no competition really!). 8packs of Pears at 75p (great for snacking or packed lunches too) this week at Lidl – so why not cook them up with a tbsp sugar & water with tsp cinnamon to make a fruity compote to dollop on your porridge with some fat free natural yoghurt. All this for under 42p per serving, you can’t go wrong!