So on 4th March get your frying pans out, get your flatmates involved and all give it a go with different recipes, flavours and toppings… you’ll get hooked!

Top tips for the perfect batch of pancakes:

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to make a batch, so get reading before the big day and show off your know-how in front of your flatmates.

  • Don’t flip until the bubbles have burst! Have patience.

  • Don’t estimate your ingredients. The chances are you won’t have an idea how much 100g of flour looks like or how many glugs of milk make 300ml, it’s a recipe for disaster. Stick to the scales guys!

  • Be careful you don’t over beat the batter – don’t be fanatic about smoothing out every single lump.

  • Make sure you don’t overheat or burn the oil – it can be extremely dangerous! I’m sure you’ve heard some nightmare stories of oil catching fire and whatnot, so stay at the hob and keep an eye on your pan. It needs to be hot, but not too hot.

  • Don’t fiddle! Pour it, leave it, flip just once (!) then serve. Too much tampering could lead to a slightly worse-for-wear looking pancake.

  • Last of all, but by no means least… Don’t feel defeated after the first (or maybe first few) pancakes. If everybody did we would probably never ever eat them. I’ve been making them for years and without a shadow of a doubt my first will be appalling. Why? There isn’t much reason behind it, that’s just the way it is.

Classic Recipes:

For most of us, this will probably be the first Pancake Day when we have had to make our own, and not have Mum calling us in every 5 minutes with yet another pancake ready (no doubt with another one on the go). So here are some recipes that are very basic, but are guaranteed to give you enough confidence to make them on a regular basis.

  • American Breakfast Pancakes: just like the ones you would find in an American Diner. They are simply delicious on their own but be creative! Serve with blueberries and golden/maple syrup or if you’re feeling really American, try them topped with crispy bacon with maple syrup. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a rich appetite, they are perfect!

  • Crepe Style Pancakes: Thin as opposed to their American counterparts, and originate from France. Scrumptious just served with lemon and sugar, nutella (mine and my friends’ favourite!) or even just a simple layer of jam.

Once you’ve cracked these, you might want to give some of the recipes below a go. Remember, practice makes perfect, and once you’ve learnt how to make them it’s with you for life!

Something a bit different:

If you’re an experienced pancake maker and fancy trying something new, then have a go at some of the recipes I’ve created below. My personal favourite is the PB&J Pancake recipe, so yummy and slightly on the naughty side, but pancakes don’t always have to be a guilty treat, so I’ve included some healthier alternatives too!

  • Sweet Potato Pancakes: Sweet potatoes are a great addition to this recipe as they give you a healthy boost of vitamins and minerals whilst also having a sweet taste, so no sugar is needed and I personally don’t add any syrup on top… just a thin piece of butter instead (optional)!

  • Wholegrain Oaty Banana Pancakes: Made with wholegrain flour and oats means these pancakes are not only a delicious treat but will keep your appetite satisfied for longer than your standard pancakes. Bananas not your thing? Swap them for 50-75g raspberries, blueberries or your favourite fruit!

  • Gingerbread Pancakes: If you can’t get enough of gingerbread at Christmas, have a go at this recipe. They have a great depth of flavour with the dried cinnamon and ginger – you can pick these up in ALDI for only 49p each, and will come in handy for other recipes and of course when you want to make these pancakes again!

  • PB&J Pancakes: Inspired by this typical American combination, but are surprisingly delicious. Peanut butter and jelly (or jam to us Brits). I’ve used jam for the topping, but if you’d rather use fresh fruit then you can make compote by cooking up berries with water and sugar.

  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato Calzone Pancake: Pancakes don’t always have to be sweet, so ditch the syrup and try out this savoury pancake recipe which you can make into your evening meal or lunch!

I hope this week’s blog has given you some inspiration to either try and make pancakes yourself for the first time – hopefully you’ll find them a success and make them more often – or to try something new with your pancakes. You can buy packet mixtures if you really want to be lazy, but homemade taste so much better and are so easy to make anyway.

So whatever you end up making this Shrove Tuesday, enjoy yourself and take advantage of the right to eat as many pancakes as you like (or as possible!). Have you got any unusual or foolproof pancake recipes? Don’t forget to upload them to! Happy Pancake Day!