We are recommended to eat at least two portions of omega-3 rich fish every week. Fish is a great source of protein and the health benefits are so incredibly vast, including optimum brain health and boosting memory function by up to 15%! Ideal for student lifestyles filled with facts, dates and numbers to remember for your assignments and exams. So here are some delicious recipes that will help you get fish back into your diet without breaking the budget.

Fish Fingers:

Fish fingers are quite versatile and great to have handy in the freezer, but can be simply served with baked beans or peas for a nostalgic childhood dinner. But if you think you’re a bit old for that now, then have a go at some of the more sophisticated fish finger recipes below. What’s more, at ALDI, 15 fish fingers are only £1.49!

Breaded/Battered Cod Fillets:

On special offer this week at LIDL are four breaded or battered cod fillets for only £1.79! This is a great deal, as usually it’s around £1.49 for only two fillets. Obviously you could just serve up the good old fish, chips and peas on a Friday evening, but there are other alternatives to serve up with these fish fillets! This week at ALDI there are Cocktail Vine Tomatoes for only 89p, which are great baked in the oven with the fish -they go soft on the inside and the skins are crispy. The fish and tomatoes can then be served with a herby cous cous (39p each at ALDI) with some diced Sweet Pointed Red Peppers also for only 89p.

Tinned Sardines

Now – they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. To be honest with you, the smell of them takes me back to Saturday mornings as a kid. Dad used to have them every week, and they used to stink the place out! So naturally as a child I wouldn’t touch them. However, I have recently discovered that they taste much better (in fact they are gorgeous!) than they smell. They are a small oily fish with a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fats!) and are very cheap. You can buy them tinned (rather than fresh – do you really want to be gutting a fish?) for around 50 to 60p in supermarkets, however at ALDI this week they are only 40p! They come in a lush tomato sauce that can come in handy with some of the dishes you cook them up with. Have a look at some of these recipes and get on the sardine band wagon!

Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock is one of my favourite fish, with a great flavour that in my opinion is superior to cod! 500g packs of frozen smoked haddock are usually around £2.75-£3.00, but I believe they are worth that little bit extra. You can do all sorts with this fish – bread it yourself, fry it, flake it and bake it. If you can afford that little bit extra one week – why not grab a bag and cook up one of these recipes…

Tinned Tuna

Probably the most popular fish in a student’s diet, but in my opinion, it’s not the most flavoursome. But at around 60-80p a tin, it’s a great and versatile store cupboard essential. Turn your humble tinned tuna into something more exciting than the usual tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake. Use the cocktail tomatoes on offer at ALDI this week to create the luscious tuna tomato tagliatelle!

So there we are! There is no excuse for you to be shying away from chucking fish in your shopping basket now – it’s cheaper than you thought and incredibly lean and low fat. Hopefully this weeks’ blog will help you get fish back into your weekly diet – have a go at some of these recipes, or experiment in the kitchen and create one of your own – don’t forget to upload your recipe and photos of the end result to Studentrecipes.com!